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Who We Are

Carolina Waste Compaction is a regisitered MWBE that offers waste compaction, hauling and recycling services in the Charlotte and NC Triad markets. We’re spearheading a new approach to how waste works in the Carolinas, with a mission to help keep our communities green and save our customers time, headaches, and most importantly, money, all while providing unmatched customer service.


Ryan Poindexter


Ryan is a Navy veteran who transitioned into civilian life working as a Reliability Engineer and Cyber Security Consultant. Ryan has worked and led large scale projects for some of the largest consulting firms in the world. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys spending time with his son and coaching youth sports teams.

Keely Phillips

Managing Partner - Sales

Keely is a Charlotte native who has spent her career working in franchise sales for one of the largest hotel chains in the country. Outside of work, Keely enjoys spending time with her son and rooting on her favorite teams (Go Panthers!).

Brian Freeman

Managing Partner - Operations

Brian is a Charlotte native who started his career as a Reliability Engineer before transitioning to Operational Strategy roles for large e-commerce companies. Brian holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. Outside of work, he enjoys visits to the mountains for hiking and camping trips.

About The Equipment

Our truck has the ability to compact your waste up to 90% using its 6,000 lb drum. It has advanced sensors that prevent contact during entry and exit, and is engineered with steel guard rails to prevent damage to your dumpster.

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As a female and veteran-owned & operated company, we’re here to serve you. If you operate within the Charlotte Metro or NC Triad region, contact us today and start saving money on your waste costs!

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